My name is Kevin Yu. I graduated from Boston University with a Bachelor’s degree in Computer and Electrical Engineering with a concentration on Technology Innovation. I am an AI enthusiast who loves Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Containerization Technology, Serverless Application, and Robotics.

I am an industry analyst, a strategic advisor, and a practicing architect. Through my speaking, writing, and analysis, I help businesses take advantage of emerging technologies. I am glad to be recognized as a Developer for Cloud and IoT, a Software Innovator, and a Cloud Native Computing Foundation ambassador. To keep myself relevant and current, I regularly pursue industry certifications. I am recently involved in building resilient microservices and scalable infrastructure and building large-scale enterprise-level serverless applications.

I started learning Machine Learning about four years ago and since then I learned about lots of Machine Learning topics and worked on multiple projects including building a Self Driving Car with computer vision technology and a Private Cloud Server with computing capabilities.

I hope you could find something helpful from my site for your own projects!